There used to be only two choices when a life insurance policy was no longer needed or wanted . . . Surrender or let it Lapse!

When it comes to cash flow, most seniors don't think about their life insurance policies, except to stop paying premiums and letting their policies lapse, or, surrendering their policies for the cash value. Now, for those that qualify, there's a Third Choice . . . Life Settlements - a Superior Alternative to Maximize Values in the Disposition of a Life Insurance Policy

If your clients can't afford, or no longer want or need a life policy, contact us to see if they qualify and what their policy is really worth. Request a Free Evaluation, TODAY!

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Now, more than ever, you need a qualified broker to help you in the life settlement industry. One that...

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  • Has numerous years hands-on experience transacting life settlements.
  • Has Pre-Pricing available.
  • Has E&O coverage aggregate on every sold case.
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